All of the packagings we use is made of thick and exclusive plastic. In each sales package, you will not only receive a case and screen protector. But also a paper containing the serial number as proof of the authenticity of the product. Here you can verify the authenticity of your device by entering your SN to the page. If your product is genuine, the verification page will appear on the website page.

The use of the casing itself is not arbitrary. Some simply beautify the appearance of your smartphone, but some provide extra protection for your favorite smartphone. For those of you who are looking for a case, we recommend buying the colorful S10 Plus cases. This case is present for almost all smartphone lines. Our case is designed with a sturdy, snug, and anti-slip design so it doesn’t slip when you hold it. In addition, we are an accessory manufacturer that is focused on creating durable accessories. The tests have cooperated and have the United States military standards. Well, you know. Therefore, the durability of the casing is no longer in doubt. Most of the UAG Composite series is intended for iPhone and Samsung phones. In addition to smartphones, UAG also provides durable cases for MacBooks from page.

Well, for those with durable specifications, we also release them, you know. There are several models for our durable casing. The first is Slim Armor. This case, as the name implies, will not make your favorite smartphone look bulky or fat. It also has military protection standards with air cushion technology in every corner. Another one is Iron, where it is also equipped with air cushion technology. This casing made by us is equipped with two layers of shatter-resistant polycarbonate material. This durable case made by us also uses an impact dispersion system. This serves to protect the smartphone when dropped.