When it comes to tattoos, don’t think about frugality. Make sure you do the previous calculations and be careful if a tattoo artist provides a cheaper price than others. It’s better to pay more for tattoo artists who are licensed and trusted than street tattoo services. Aside from that, if you love to show off your tattoo in public swimming pools, you may need to wear the best waterproof tattoo coverup.

Also, keep in mind, don’t ever bargain with tattoo artists because that means you don’t respect tattoo artists.

Pay attention to your health condition

It’s not the best idea to get a new tattoo when you’re sick. You need your immune system to be 100 percent good. When you sick, your white blood cells fight the viruses and bacteria aggressively, and so they will get rid of foreign substances on your body, like the tattoo ink. While your blood cells are busy eradicating viruses and bacteria, they will not work as they should, so the recovery process after you’ve got the new tattoo may not go well. If you have an appointment with a tattoo artist but then you fall ill, you must cancel your appointment with your tattoo artist immediately.

Don’t forget to shave before tattooing

When you are tattooed, the area to be tattooed must be shaved clean first, so you will start with plain skin. After a few days, the base of the hair/fur will start to grow and you feel like shaving it, however, shaving may be seriously fatal for your tattoo.

It’s because your wound is new, shaving will increase the risk of damage to your tattoo.

Consider the tattoo removal process

Lots of people decide to make a tattoo suddenly because they want to, or when they are feeling impulsive and then regret it. Inevitably, tattoos must also be removed. The process of removing tattoos can be very painful – like being pulled by a rubber band and then followed by a burning skin sensation.

The cost depends on the size of the tattoo. Removal of using a laser can be costly per session and you can need 1-10 sessions to make your tattoo disappear completely. So, before making a tattoo, make sure you’ve thought about all the consequences carefully.