Promotion is an important factor determining the number or absence of visitors and the success or failure of an event. It’s because, with the right promotion, the community and the target of the event will be aware of the event. Many tools can be used for event promotion, where one of the strongest and most effective is through the Content Creation media. Now how to determine the right media for the promotion of an event?


Many media can be used, ranging from free ones such as social media to those that cost tens or hundreds of millions. Well for that you must first determine the budget that will be used for promotion. If you are a company with large capital, the use of television media as a media campaign will certainly be appropriate. Whereas if your budget is limited, maybe you can consider social media or print media which of course has less budget usage. In addition, you must pay attention to the budget that you spend on promotional media whether it is in accordance with your target/market segment or not.


The purpose of promoting an event is so that the target audience knows the event and feels invited/called to attend. Therefore the target of the promotion must be clear. By knowing who is the target of your campaign, from there you can set out to determine what media is suitable for the target.

Promotional Material

If the material is limited to text, then the print media both online and offline is the right choice. Social media like Twitter and Facebook are also suitable for advertising materials which are only texts.

If only in the form of audio, automatic radio that you must choose. Or the music streaming media that is currently loved is also still counting. Podcasts can also be relied upon if your target is suitable.

If only social media images, Instagram are your top choice besides banners, posters, billboards.

If in the form of video and audio you can use media ranging from social media such as Youtube, electronic media such as television, to electronic billboards or Videotron.