Many people use SEO in promoting their business. SEO can indeed help your website to be on the first page of search engines, for example, Google. You can use SEO if you want to get more customers on your website. SEO optimization must be done by a professional person. You can use services from agencia seo alicante if you want to optimize SEO to the fullest.

If you use WordPress as a promotional media or you have a blog, then you have to do the right SEO optimization. Unfortunately, there are some SEO errors that are still done by WordPress users. Here are some of his mistakes.

1. You don’t optimize the URL
If your URL matches your title and contains keywords, it will help you in the competition of search engine rankings. You cannot use a manual way to promote your business. Now, you must optimize the SEO. Your URL must be remembered by many people, because they will visit your wesbite again and again if they remember your URL.

2. You don’t make the right categories
If you want to keep users involved and you want to increase traffic to your site, you can use categories and tags. Using the right categories and tags on blogs and articles will encourage readers to go through the entire contents of the website. If you have web posts without tags and categories, then your rankings on search engine can decrease, in WordPress it’s easy to create tags and categories, so you have to use them.

3. You don’t use the right external links
External links are as important as internal links and it must be relevant. Search engines will pay attention to the links that you have to other sites and compare thematic content to ensure that there are the right links.