Because the habit of being late has become a natural thing, the preventive action is that we often double the meet-up time one hour earlier. This seems to have become an open secret, especially for workers who have high mobility. Usually, there are reasons that make someone late, one of which is a problem with the water pipe that makes them unable to take a shower. With the help of MIRACLE ROOTER, you probably won’t be late because they can eliminate plumbing problems.

Of course, the habit of arriving late is not good and harms the other party who comes on time. Here are the reasons and benefits why you should come on time.

1. Can take advantage of opportunities as well as possible
Maybe some of you know the quote “opportunity doesn’t come twice”. This makes us aware of the value of time, if we come on time of course we can do other work.

2. Discipline yourself
What happens if the boss finds out that you are often late? Be thankful that you don’t get scolded, but the other effect is that he doesn’t trust you. Therefore, you have to get used to being more disciplined.
One way to discipline yourself is to come on time, in this simple way you will get used to behaving disciplined.

3. Be more productive by being able to get more done
If you are not a person who is often late, the days you live will definitely not be wasted. And it’s possible, many things can be done sooner than if you arrive late.

4. Learn to appreciate someone
Have you ever felt irritated, if you waited for your friend for a long time? Very bad, right? Arriving on time is part of our way to respect others, your friends will feel appreciated if you can keep your promise.

5. Get a good image
Arriving on time can show that you are reliable, trustworthy, and trying to commit to what you promise. Not only that, but you also show that you are a person of integrity.