Obviously a minimalist type of house is the choice of many people because usually a house with a minimalist type can be built still beautiful on land that is not too broad. So that your fear of land area can be ignored. A house with a minimalist type is usually built as simple as possible but also still has a sweet design touch. So it is important for you to know some tips that must be done to be able to give a sweet touch to your minimalist home but it still looks modern. Aside from that, if the exterior of your house looks dull due to dust and mold, we highly recommend you hire a trustworthy Pressure Washing company in your city.

Here are some tips from us to you:

Paint color

The color of paint also greatly influences how your home feels. Choosing the color of paint is also a part of the exterior design of your home. As we have seen, minimalist homes are often decorated with inconspicuous paint colors. The choice of colors such as a combination of gray, white, and black can be one of the references. Or it can also be combined with pastel colors which have a dim color too. Usually the selection of paints with colors like white, and creme can make your house look spacious and clean.
Election of the trellis

The selection of trellis

The selection of trellis models is also one of the tips to make your house seem minimalist, and also very suitable for minimalist homes. So you can’t ignore how to choose the right trellis model. And usually, the minimalist house puts forward a simple trellis model, which is simple but certainly useful for the function of protecting the house.

How to design a house exterior

How to design the exterior of the house instead becomes one of the things that is very important, the most important thing. How can you want to make a minimalist residence but with an exterior design that is not appropriate? Usually for your minimalist home that is not too broad enough you add the terrace with simple attributes that seem unique.