WorldPay Zinc is a mobile card payment machine for small business from WorldPay. WorldPay is the largest credit card processing company in the UK, that offers merchant services and other credit card machines for online and offline payment processing. The major advantage of these machines is it can be used to handle both phone or in-person payments going here. Meanwhile, the disadvantage is that their keypad does not accept contactless payment unless you will have to go for full-priced card machines.

For those who looking for mobile payment machine, here’s the details information about WorldPay Zinc you need to know.

Details of WorldPay Zinc Card Payment Machine for Small Business

1. WorldPay Zinc Features

WorldPay Zinc is a card payment machine for small business that has some features, such as the card reader works with iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, you can take payments over the phone or face-to-face, and instant issue receipts via SMS or email. There are also a secure Chip and PIN solution from the leading card payments company in the UK, and a 12-month warranty for the keypad.

2. WorldPay Zinc Transaction Fees

There are two pricing options for this card payment machine for small business in terms of fees. The first is there is no monthly fee but it charged 2.75% per transaction. Meanwhile, if you pay £5.99 a month it will take 1.95% per transaction.

3. WorldPay Zinc Add-ons

You will need to download the WordPlay Zinc free app for the card reader to work. There’s also WorldPay Zinc online portal that offered so you can process iPhone orders. They do not have an official product of additional hardware that you can use to extend the work of card reader. However, WorldPay Zinc can connect via Bluetooth printer to your phone and print receipts.

WorldPay Zinc may be a good solution for small businesses who don’t need to accept contactless payments and processing card transactions less than £5,000 per month. That’s the details about WorldPay Zinc card payment machine for small business that you should know.