Car Stickers can be used when your car has a lot of scratches. Plus the budget that will be used to repair the paint does not yet exist. To maintain the condition of your car paint, you can trick it by covering it with a sticker. Stickers can also be used as a way to remove rust stains on car paint by covering parts of the body that are already badly rusted. In installing stickers, it is also necessary to pay attention to the aesthetic value to make them look more attractive. Do not install stickers carelessly, this will worsen the condition of your car. Now many also use stickers to add to the attractiveness of the car body. Especially cars with white paint.

1. Draft the desired concept and design in advance. Making a mature concept and design is needed in terms of applying stickers to the car body. Without a plan in advance, the results will certainly be chaotic and only waste stickers. That’s the same as you do a waste. Not to mention the sticker marks that have a strong adhesive will leave stains and of course add to your work. Now to anticipate various problems like that, you can press it by determining the concept well. Stickers are indeed effective as a way to improve car paint to make it look better.

2. Create a pattern on the area to be covered by the sticker. Then you can first draw a pattern on the surface of the car body where the sticker will be attached. Use a drawing tool that is safe to use for car paint and can be easily removed the next time you make a pattern mistake. Indiscriminate use of drawing tools can trigger scratches and even severe scratches if you are not careful in the handling process. A little patience is also needed to get good and maximum pattern results.