You don’t understand what a wedge is, or you might get annoyed when you enter a bunker or rough grass and find it difficult to get out of it. Let’s take a look at a review of wedges. A wedge is a golf stick designed for use in bunkers or rough, where the loft angle (the degree of the top surface with the shaft) ranges from 45-60 “degrees. This high degree makes it easier for us to bounce the ball higher so the ball can easily get out. In addition, something that is very important in a wedge is the bounce angle, which is at the sole which is the bottom of the wedge and usually has a heavier weight than other clubs. You can find the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers if you want to know what kind of wedges fit with your style.

This bounce functions to make the clubhead to get out (bounce) from the rough or sand area without digging in (digging). The bounce has a maximum angle of 16 degrees which is formed from the leading edge and ground surface, where the bottom surface touching the ground is called hell toe camber. The trailing edge is the corner on the inside of the sole.

Wedge from time to time gives a meaningful touch on the green area so that our feelings will get better. The bigger the loft 58 “- 60” degrees with a bounce of 0-10 “degrees, the more the ball bounces but assuming the distance is only 60 yards (59 meters) for men and 60 yards (54.8 meters) for women, it is very easy to get out of the bunker because it has a small sole and a sharp leading edge.

You may ever hear a question like this, “why is the wire rusty”. The answer is because the wedge is made of a lighter material, such as a combination of beryllium or copper, and allowed to rust to give a good spinning effect apart from the working grove, thus allowing the ball to come to a stop (giving the ball accurate spin and helping it to remain in the green area when landing) or the ball is able to retreat as the golfer wishes.