SEO or Search Engine Optimization forever will not get away from keywords or keywords, because everyone who is looking for something will type in the search box what is needed in a word or set of words as needed. Keywords become the source of visitors coming through search engines, and this is the benchmark of successful website optimization that is done by using SEO consultant london. Knowing keywords is very important for SEO services. Many people feel that they have done website optimization, many keywords that have appeared on the first page of Google or SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But not many visitors and no conversions, ask why? The first obvious mistake is not to use the right keywords for the business being run, the latter is too pushy to use keywords that are not actually the target of the searchers of products and services.

Keyword used must be in accordance with the business developed and there should be a monitor of the keywords or keywords used, whether it has provided traffic or not, how to position the keyword in the search results page? Is the ongoing trend in line with the keywords we are targeting? Some of these things should be the basis of keyword selection or be the basis of keyword replacement if the specified keyword is not maximized. SEO can not be separated with keywords because as a source of organic traffic, search engines use “word or series of words” used by searchers of information on search engines like Google. Google will provide information relevant to the word or sequence of words used in search engines. Search results will bring up 10 websites on the first page with the highest level of relevancy to what is expected by the person doing the search.

Keyword is a traffic source for a website, when done correctly, the implementation of keywords on your website, will provide targeted traffic according to the business, in accordance with the target you want, for it needs to do keyword research is correct for the keywords used can provide benefits for your business website in the long term.