Preventive and regularly scheduled maintenance is essential for efficiency for the survival of machines, especially large machines. Heavy equipment enables traditional industries to operate on a large scale. Mining and agriculture are among the global industries that depend heavily on these big machines. The industrial operational process will not run without the use of heavy equipment. Preventive maintenance maintains the value of the equipment. Keeps machines in good working order extends equipment life and keep vapro opleiding operators safe.

Early detection of problems allows for repairs to be made before the situation worsens. Machines that do not need to be manually operated to make repairs will avoid production disruptions. Routine inspections and analysis can be used to predict and prevent component failures that can cause safety hazards and machine damage. Good maintenance is essential for worker safety. Maintenance of large machines can be very risky in terms of safety. This is often done in close contact with a running machine. This condition can have an impact on health problems, as well as the human error factor. Time pressure is also one of the causes of accidents near areas where heavy machinery is used.

The American Institute for Health and Safety Administration reports that 15-20 percent of all fatal industrial accidents are related to maintenance operations. Preventive and scheduled maintenance can reduce the likelihood of major machine breakdowns and thereby reduce the risks that technicians or operators face in repairs on-site. Accidents at work can also be significantly reduced.

Keep a diary of the use of the machine and monitor its operation. The use and breakdown of large machines are often exacerbated by improper handling or inadequate skills. Keeping records of machine usage and monitoring day-to-day operations can help determine when and where machines are used by skilled operators. The way to monitor the operation of the machine is via GPS. The device tracks movement and records it in a digital record, so problems can be detected early, and damage prevented.