In addition to treatments for the face, care for the lips must also be considered. Unfortunately, most men tend to be embarrassed to wear lip treatments like lip balms. In fact, caring for the lips is also an important thing to do, especially to protect the lips from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Most men who work outdoors forget the dangers of UV rays and exposure to bad weather. To make it simple, you can store your lip product in Lip Gloss Containers.

Lip balm has the following benefits:

1. Prevents chapped lips
Choose alcohol-free lip balms. Artificial flavors and coloring can cause allergic reactions, so before using it, moisturize your lips with cold water, then use balm to keep the lips moisturized and prevent chapped lips.

2. Protect from sunlight
The outer layer of the lips is very thin, so there is more risk to be affected by sunlight. Because the lips don’t have melamine (the pigment that gives color to the skin), the lips are more flammable.

3. Heal lips quickly
A good lip balm can heal cracks in cracked lips and can also prevent infections, dry lips, and irritation.

4. Keep lips moist
There is a misconception that chapsticks and lip balms add moisturizer to moisturize the lips, but in reality, the chapsticks and lip balms seal the natural moisture of the lips so they do not disappear.

In addition to the benefits above, lip balm can also prevent cancer of the lips, because of its protection against UV rays. We must always use lip balm and sunscreen so that we don’t get skin cancer. Based on the results of a 25-year retrospective study of 2,152 lip cancer patients in the United States, 81% of patients had cancer in the lower lip and were 12 times more likely to be caused by UV light. Of this percentage, men dominate 3: 1 against women.