Now comes the exciting part: easy-win opportunities that everyone is missing out on. These are the trends you should be aware of before they become commonplace.

1. Not restricted by geography

The industry’s limitless and borderless nature presents a huge opportunity for digital marketing agencies. Because everything is done online, you can have clients from all over the world while still meeting all of your goals and objectives. This is true not only for customers but also for employees. You are not limited to your local area when looking for the most talented employees; you can search the entire globe. Read more about King Kong’s King Kong agency customer reviews on the internet for references.

2. A shift in attitude toward small businesses

Let’s face it: most digital marketing agencies aren’t huge. The majority of them are small businesses. Consumer preferences are shifting in favor of small businesses in the market.

67% of Americans prefer to shop at small businesses over larger corporations. If you ask me, this is not surprising. Smaller businesses frequently care more about what they do because they are more passionate about it. They are more concerned with their customers and clients, giving them more value and a better customer experience. They also get a more personalized experience. Smaller teams collaborate more effectively. Communication in larger companies can be difficult to manage, and as a result, a client may have to repeat information to several people within the company. Consumers enjoy working with smaller businesses, and many digital marketing agencies are small in size, presenting a great opportunity.

3. Automated marketing

According to a McKinsey study, 31% of businesses have at least one function automated, and 66% of business leaders are testing solutions for at least one business process. And since this study was conducted in 2020, I expect that this figure has only risen since then.

We can also look at Zapier as an example. In just four years, Zapier has become an industry standard, and many businesses are looking to automate more and more processes in their operations. You can make marketing automation your sole focus. Your customers will think you’re a wizard.