There are several different reasons why CBD can be influenced by other things. This is not an article about why CBD can stop working, we have it here, but maybe discuss some of the same reasons. Therefore, it needs to be explored, so let’s get into what can affect the way CBD works.


This is a big one. The CBD industry has no regulations compared to other industries, mainly due to confusion about legality in many places, and legalization is relatively new in other places.

As a result of this rather lax regulation, it is possible for some people to sell CBD products which are, to say the least, somewhat lower in quality.

Low-quality CBD products will only be less effective than high-quality versions, and in some cases may contain less CBD listed on the label or even none at all.

Your body

Your tolerance of CBD, and how it affects you, is entirely personal to you and will not be the same as the next person.

You might find that you immediately have a high tolerance for CBD, or that you really need a lower dose, whatever the problem, there is no suggestion that tolerance is being built, which means that when you find the right dose for you, you should survive with that.

If you start with a low-level dose and don’t do what you expect, increase your dose slightly, and then stop when you arrive at the place you want.

Alcohol and drugs

Before anything here, if you are taking other medications, talk with your doctor before trying CBD, because there is a possibility that cannabinoids can negatively affect certain drugs.

If you’ve got everything from your doctor, know that drugs have the potential to change the effectiveness of CBD.

The same is true for alcohol, if you drink a lot when using CBD, it might have an effect on it.

Interestingly, anecdotal evidence suggests that these effects can work well, enhance or attenuate the effects. Some reported feeling very sleepy when drinking and using CBD, while others suggested that the CBD effect was numb due to drinking.