Do you know the difference between stickers and flyers? This question is very easy. You only hear from the name or even the shape is different. But, don’t worry, in this article, we will continue to provide reviews about custom stickers and flyers so you can compare the two.

Stickers are visual information media affixed to an object in the form of a small sheet of paper or plastic. In the world of the advertising industry, stickers are used as labels on a bottle, packaging, or other product objects. In addition, an attractive design will make people interested in the products being sold.

Even in everyday use, stickers can be affixed to walls, doors, windows, books, cars, motorcycles, and so on. However, in certain situations, stickers can also be used as promotional media, political campaigns, or to give identity to oneself or a group. Such stickers can be affixed to the windshield to show the identity of the car owner, promotion of tourist destinations, promotion of company products, and others.

Even people can collect or collect stickers so that they can be exchanged with other sticker collectors or just collect them. The shape of the sticker also varies because it can be adjusted to the wishes of the wearer, for example round, square, and even shaped according to the design drawings made.

In this advanced era, many offer sticker services, so you can make stickers according to your wishes. Now some stickers have an embossed surface, so the stickers look more attractive because the resulting images look as if they are real. You can also buy these stickers at bookstores or specialty stores that provide stickers.

Then, what about flyers? Flyers are promotional media or information that is printed on a sheet of paper that is not folded. It’s different from the print media, isn’t it? Although both of them provide information, the flyer will only provide brief and concise information, because the purpose of the flyer itself is to make the public able to read quickly the contents of the flyer.