Welcome back to another in-depth exploration of the world of water distillers, my fellow hydration fans. Today, we’re highlighting the Waterwise 3200, one of the water softener air gap distillers. But believe us when we say this distiller differs from your typical one.

A powerful machine, the Waterwise 3200 can distill up to 8 gallons of water daily. That much pure, clean water will be enough to keep you hydrated, revitalized, and free of any unwelcome toxins. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to experience drinking water from a mountain stream in the middle of the wilderness?

Yet the Waterwise 3200’s attention to detail and user ease set it apart from the competition. This distiller eliminates any uncertainty from the distillation process. You can set it and forget it with its autonomous shut-off feature because it will switch off on its own when it has finished its task. Also, the stainless steel structure guarantees that no pollutants, including leaching plastic, enter your water.

Yet, there’s still more! Several handy features are also included with the Waterwise 3200, such as an electronic monitor that notifies you when it’s time to clean the distiller or change the carbon filter. Also, the Waterwise 3200 is very energy efficient, making it a smart choice for your health and your pocketbook if you’re concerned about the cost of operating a machine that continuously distills water.

Let’s not overlook the fact that the taste of the water is the main reason we are all here. And the Waterwise 3200 does not let us down; trust us on this. The distillation procedure rids your water of any unfavorable flavor or odor, leaving you with a clear, revitalizing sip every time. And if you enjoy drinking tea or coffee, using distilled water will significantly enhance the flavor of your beverages. You feel as though a whole new universe of taste has been revealed to you.