A restaurant commonly called a restaurant is a business providing food and beverage services equipped with kitchen equipment and supplies for the manufacturing, storage, and presentation processes. Various restaurants are already plastered on many streets in every corner of the city. Starting from serving Western cuisine such as Italian or American food and of course with various prices offered. Behind the delicious and delicious food, there must be quality restaurant kitchen equipment to support the performance of the chefs. You can get the best combi oven from us. Where we provide kitchen equipment for commercial purposes to support the ability of chefs who work in your place of business https://www.rotaryana.com/reputable-commercial-kitchen-equipment-combi-oven-in-indonesia/.

Just like home kitchen utensils, basic restaurant kitchen utensils also have many kinds and functions. The type and function of restaurant kitchen equipment are some of the supporting activities and productivity of this restaurant. In choosing kitchen equipment for a restaurant, the most important thing is the material and the material of the tool. Restaurant kitchen equipment is grouped into two components, namely cooking utensils and tableware. Of course, these two things will be different in how to use and function.

Cooking utensils are all types of equipment used in the kitchen that is used for cooking activities. This equipment is in the shape of large tools that are difficult to move or small equipment utilized to process food. This cookware also has the important functions of a restaurant kitchen. Starting from food processing equipment, storage, to tools for washing cooking ingredients or cooking utensils and cutlery.

The following is a must-know and must-have cooking utensil in a restaurant kitchen:

1. Oven: for baking food.
2. Deep Fryer: to fry food with a lot of oil.
3. Chiller and Freezer: for storing food ingredients.
4. Working table: for the chef’s workplace.
5. Sink: for washing utensils and foodstuffs.
6. Cooking utensils: knife, cutting board, spatula, basin, vegetable spoon, measuring cup, and food tongs.