Business is a activities to selling goods or services performed by an individual, group of individuals or organizations to consumers (people) with the ultimate goal is to gain benefit/profit in real estate investing tips. Basically, we do business is to earn income or profit.

Actually, not only that, there are some functions of the business, namely:
– Changing the shape (form utility), which is none other than the production function

– Move the product where it (place utility), or the distribution function

– Change of Ownership (possessive utility), the sales function

– Delaying the usefulness (Time utility), or the marketing function

While Steinhoff argues that there are three core business functions, namely:
– Finding raw materials (acquiring raw material)

– Converting raw materials into finished goods (manufacturing raw materials into product)

– Distribute the finished goods the hands of consumers (distributing product to consumers)

As in business understanding, business was carried out by an individual, group of individuals or organizations. Here I will give a little explanation about anyone doing business or commonly called the Basic Business Owners. Ownership Basics generally include:

– An individual company is a company owned by a person directly in charge of the company.

– The fellowship is a share and take part and give parts together in something or someone.

– The Company is a business that is owned by a few people and supervised by the director.

– Cooperative is a line of business consisting individual or legal entity with the bases cooperative activities based on the principle of cooperation as well as people’s economic movement based on the principle of kinship.

Although the goal of business is profit but that does not mean that they have no purpose other than the purpose, there are still many goals the business they want to achieve and destination between one and the other could have been different.