Very often we see good animation on television shows and on the internet. Nowadays most people are familiar with animation through the films they watch because animated films are currently being produced more and more and more like it. Then on this occasion, we will give an explanation to you, about what exactly is meant by the animation on paper and what are the types.

What is meant by Animation is a moving image, derived from a collection of objects that have been arranged in such a way and moves following a predetermined path every time count. In this case, what is meant by “object” can be in the form of writing, pictures of animals, pictures of plants, pictures of humans, and others?

The animation is a graphic which displays sequential movements quickly so that the object looks alive. With proper and mature planning, the flow of the animation movement will be interesting to watch. If in the world of multimedia animation is a way to use a program on a computer to produce an object’s motion on the screen. Whereas people who make animations are known as animators.

Types Based on the Character Forms

– Stop Motion Animation / Claymation

Also known as claymation, this animation-making technique was invented by Blakton around 1906. Using clay (clay) as its object. Clay animation techniques are often used in producing a visual effect for films in the 1950-1960s. One example of a film that uses clay techniques such as in the film Chicken Run, and Shaun the sheep. Of course what is used is not ordinary clay, but generally uses plasticine, which is a flexible material/elastic.

– 2D animation

This type of animation is often referred to like cartoons. Cartoons / Cartoons can be interpreted as funny pictures, Examples can be seen in cartoons, lots of funny pictures that they display and are generally very entertaining. One example of a cartoon movie such as Tom & Jerry.

– 3D animations

The development of technology, especially computer technology, has emerged three-dimensional animation. This 3D animation is the result of the development of 2D animation. In 3D animation the object will look more alive as well as real. Lots of films today use 3D animation and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).