Many people still think that insurance and guarantees on cars are the same things. Yes, indeed both provide protection benefits for cars that make the owner feel safe. On the other hand, they differ in several ways. To understand why you need car warranty and need to see extended warranty suv before making any decision, here is what you need to know.

When there is a risk to the car that can cause the car to be damaged, then these two types of protection can be chosen. However, it is necessary to know in advance the causes and risks of what happened, because this affects which protection options cover it. For example, you are involved in an accident in driving a car which causes the car to hit the road barrier so that the car’s left side body is damaged. So, the choice of protection is car insurance. Then what if the car breaks down without an accident? For example, suddenly the car engine does not want to turn on when you are going to the office. What insurance claims do you guarantee?

When people talk about auto warranty because they need them, you may wonder to know what it is and why the vehicle owners need it. If this sounds to be true, then you can read this article. In simple words, a car warranty is the form of guarantee provided by the producer company for goods or products produced from worker errors and material failures within a certain period, usually 3-5 years.

Important to know that protection from the warranty is obtained immediately when you buy a car. Generally, car manufacturers provide a form that must be filled in based on personal data and a car purchase note to register a car warranty. Then, you will get a warranty card used to claim later. What will happen if you then buy the second car? Will you get the car warranty as you buy the new car? It can be a good idea to ask this question because you need to know what you need for your auto needs.