A title or headline is the first thing people see from your brand. Even though there is no absolute way to write a title, there are several main formulas that you can follow to make it better. To start, you must use the 4U formula. Your title must be always useful, urgent, unique, and ultra-specific. Making your content a guide that can be done immediately is a classic way to pursue readers that they will not regret reading your posts because this can solve their problems. Besides that, making them curious will also encourage website visitors to read the article. You can learn more about content by seeing content gorilla review.

Everyone likes to talk to-the-point, directly to the essence. However, if we make a content that explains in-depth about a topic, of course, this will get better. I personally do not pay much attention to the number of words in each article that I make, but usually long and deep articles are usually better in Google SERP compared to short and superficial articles.

Not that every article with a large number of words will always win on the SERP search engine. This is just an illustration that the quality of content is very important if you want to get a good ranking on Google. Do not force yourself to make long articles long-windedly, make the article in accordance with the facts and according to your knowledge.

Use Google +. Google+ will have a greater role in SEO. In addition, by using Google+ you will get Author Rank and connect with other Google+ users. Author rank is one of the factors in SEO, and in my opinion, the role will be even greater for SEO in the future. So, you should use Google+ from now on, and connect your blog with your Google+ account.