One of the best ways that can be done to fill free time is to play games. However, not a few people are addicted to playing games to forget everything. In some cases, gamers often die who die from playing games too long. Well, so that you continue to be healthy when playing games with a long duration, or the term marathon, it seems you must try the following tips. Meanwhile, you can visit our website to find teen patti game online.

Tips for Becoming a Healthy Gamer:

1. Rest
Most gamers spend their time playing constantly until they forget to think about their own health. Therefore, take at least 15 minutes of rest, such as relaxing your back or eyes.

2. Take care of cleanliness
This is most often forgotten by gamers in general. Gamers can spend 24 hours without bathing! Euhh! In addition, the work desk is messy with the snacks that are eaten. At least, take care of personal hygiene and around for health.

3. Perform Worship
Moreover, this is sure to forget too, right? In fact, at least we remember worship, but maybe it can also increase our Luck factor in playing games and always being given health.

4. Stretching
Do you often feel cramps or stiffness while playing? That’s because you are too focused when playing. Do stretching several times, if you don’t have time you can also stretch when loading in the game or waiting for matchmaking.

5. Healthy Food and Drinks
Well, this is the most important. All humans need to eat and drink right? This is not one of the points that can be called stale. Surely if you play games in the cafe, next to the keyboard accompanied by food and drinks that are not healthy, such as coffee and snacks that you buy from nowhere.