The printer is one important part when we work. Without a printer, we would have difficulty printing data or images. Even today the printer can also be used to print photos according to the user’s wishes. The days the development of printers is getting better, especially with the many brands and types of printers. Zebra is one type of printer that is widely used for sales purposes. Many companies use Zebra printers because they can print barcodes easily. If a problem has occurred with the printer, they will immediately look for Zebra Printer Repair.

In this case, we often ignore printer maintenance, even though it is very important for us to take care of it so that the printer lasts longer. Then, how to take care of the printer so that it remains durable and comfortable to use? Here are some effective tips on caring for the printer or how to care for the printer to make it more durable and long-lasting that you can do yourself:

1. Routinely clean the printer
Cleaning the printer from dust and dirt causes the printer to become more durable and the printer does not jam easily when used. You can clean the printer without waiting for the printer to become dirty or dusty.

2. Print the right paper
Do not force the printer to print paper that does not match the capacity or size of the printer. Make sure the paper meets the specifications of your printer. Choose paper that is not too thick and not too thin and avoid paper that is easily wrinkled. Paper wrinkles can cause the printer to jam when used.

3. Do not leave printer ink empty
Immediately refill the printer ink cartridge if the ink will run out, do not wait for an empty cartridge. Empty ink can cause the cartridge head to become clogged.

4. Avoid touching the cartridge by hand
Touching the cartridge chip directly using your hand can cause damage to the device, this is because it can affect the flow of static electricity and disrupt these components.

5. Avoid printing too much
Even if you have enough work to print, avoid printing too much at the same time. You can turn off the printer to take a break after you print the document. After a few moments, you can use the printer to print again.

6. Turn off the printer properly
Make sure when you finish using the printer, you turn off the printer properly. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button, this causes the cartridge to return to its original place. Avoid turning off the printer directly on the socket, besides dangerous, this can cause the printer to damage quickly.