Have you ever had a bad experience when using an advocate service? You may not know what steps you should take to deal with ill-treatment from an advocate. Well, if you hire services from Gary L. Rohlwing Law Offices, then you will surely be satisfied will the services provided. But it would be better, before you as a Client must first make the selection process Advocate as a candidate for your Legal Counsel. The process of selecting Advocates / Lawyers in accordance with their legal requirements is almost the same as the process of choosing Doctors, Accountants, Notaries, Architects and other professional workers. Of course by ensuring professionalism in its work, an Advocate / Lawyer should be able to provide the best service for the client, so that the client can assess and believe in the quality of the Advocate / Attorney’s work. Need careful and precision of clients in choosing and determining Advocates / Lawyers to handle legal affairs. In order not to be mistaken in choosing the Advocates / Lawyers needed, need to take some tips below:

1. Ensure that the Advocate / Attorney are a legal Advocate / Lawyer who has a valid practice license, not a fake lawyer.

2. Ensure that the Advocate / Attorney have good qualifications in the field of law.

3. Ensure that the Advocate / Attorney do not have a conflict of interest in the case being handled.

4. Ensure that the Advocate / Attorney will not enter into collusion with the opposing party or the Advocate / Attorney of the opposing party.

5. Ensure that the Advocate / Lawyer have a good track record in the Advocate / Advocacy, including ethics, morals and honesty.

6. Ensure that the Advocate / Attorney are never involved in legal malpractice.

7. Ensure that the Advocate / Advocate is a hard-working and dedicated to his profession and is right to work for his client’s interests, not an Advocate / Lawyer who is only smart to talk and asks for a fee but does not take good care of his client’s interests.