Today, many people want to Buy Hookah Tobacco. If you are looking for the best hookah, you can visit our website. The following are some of the ways you can use a hookah.

– Shisha shed slowly into the bowl. Open the shisha container and stir the contents until the tobacco is moist and does not clot. Spread small jumps into the bowl and try not to clog holes in the bowl. Add more until the bowl is full. Press very slowly to make the layer even. If you press the shisha too hard, the shisha will be difficult to absorb air. If you see a tobacco stem, take it. If the shisha contains too many stems, pour it on a plate and clean all the stems, then return the shisha to the bowl on the hookah.

– Cover the bowl with a barrier or aluminum sheet. Your hookah might have a glass screen or valve above the bowl – if so, you don’t need extra preparation. Most experienced smokers choose to replace this valve with a strong aluminum sheet, which can reduce the risk of overheating (overheating) and easily controlled. Spread this sheet over the bowl, and gently pull it on the opposite edges so the sheet is as tight as possible. After tightening, gently pull all sides again to make sure the surface of the sheet is flat and neat. Secure the sides.

– Turn on some charcoal. Charcoal and hookah bowls vary in size. A standard bowl requires two medium charcoal, but you can actually use less than 1/2 or 1 part more if the results don’t produce as much smoke as you want.

– Heat the bowl. Attach the bowl to the top of the stem. Place hot charcoal on an aluminum sheet, near the edge. Set the distance of each to be the same. For best results, heat the shisha a few minutes before you start.

– Smoke slowly. Pull air through the hose with full breathing, but do it at normal speed. A strong pull will only heat up the shisha, so the burning feeling is more real. To avoid overheating and “hookah hangover” when you are just starting, wait one or two minutes between each breath.