The first step towards stock investment success is to find a reliable and experienced stockbroker. Usually, beginners will need a stock advisor newsletter so they don’t make mistakes. At present, anyone can open an account online at a registered broker to participate in the trading of shares in the stock market. However, just opening an account at a reliable stockbroker is not enough to succeed. What needs to be done? Here are ten of the top tips for successful stock investment success Investructor.

1. Investment vs trading in the stock market
The difference between investing and stock trading is in your involvement and understanding of how the stock market works, seasonal changes in the stock market, high and low levels of certain stocks, swing trading, and so on. Trading in the stock market focuses on buying certain low margin stocks and selling them at higher margins. However, it should be noted that each stock has different characteristics, so stock traders must use a different approach.

2. Understand the basics of stock investment
If knowledge regarding the basics of your stock market investment is still limited, then don’t hesitate to buy books for beginners written by leading investors like Warren Buffett. These books generally contain strategies and tips on how to conquer the stock market by making smart decisions at the right time. These books do not need to be treated like strict rules, you can use them as a reference to develop your method.

3. Understand the differences in technical analysis and stock fundamentals
Before you dive into the world of high-volatile stock investment, you need to understand both types of analysis. Technical analysis aims at evaluating stocks with a special focus on price and volume, while fundamental analysis focuses on in-depth knowledge of stock and economic trends, as well as the ability to analyze charts and financial data. If you are not familiar with the analyzes, study them before buying any stock.

4. Be careful buying low-priced stocks
You can lose all your initial capital if you participate in buying and selling shares without a good trading system. Before buying, study the company from which these low-value shares are thoroughly researched. If you have difficulty getting information about a company, then just leave the shares. It takes a long time and deep involvement to invest in low-priced stocks. Therefore, if you want to succeed quickly, it might be better if buying and selling stocks that are relatively more liquid.

5. Get rid of emotions
Don’t decide to buy or sell emotionally, for fear of falling prices, panic rumors that are unclear, or the like. Making decisions in an emotional state has the potential to produce disappointing results. Therefore, get rid of unnecessary emotions. Usually, investors even use automated trading software that is built based on the specific criteria of each investor so that emotions can be kept away from the decision to buy and sell shares.