Having AUGUST BERG is a simple way to get a feel of home in a Scandinavian style. Scandinavian decoration style is a style that prioritizes the function of various elements and decorations in the room but still prioritizes beauty. So, the core of this Scandinavian-style house is a minimalist, aesthetic, but still functional room.

For those of you who want to renovate a house in Scandinavian style, here are some tips!

1 Use white wall paint
One of the main renovations that you can apply at home is wall paint. A colorful house paint or a cheerful concept doesn’t suit the Scandinavian style which tends to use neutral colors. So, the main basis for getting a Scandinavian-style house is to use white wall paint.

2 Glass room
A Scandinavian-style house is arguably a house that provides space and also brings an outdoor atmosphere into the house. This Scandinavian home usually has one glass room that connects it to the garden behind the house. Because this Scandinavian house is also very environmentally friendly, that’s why this glass room is used to minimize the use of lights and take advantage of natural light from the sun.

3 Park behind the house
In the past, usually, there was always a garden in front of the house to make it look beautiful from the front and also beautiful when seen by people. However, nowadays, there is a garden trend behind the house, to avoid street dust contamination, the garden behind the house is used to relax and be part of the “inside the house”. So, while relaxing in the garden, your privacy will remain guaranteed and invisible from the outside.

4 Minimize motives
For Scandinavian home style, “less is more”. So, minimize the excessive motifs in every decoration of your room. Avoid using floral motifs or even glittery colors. Instead, use abstract, stripes, or asymmetrical motifs that are more artistic.

5 Choose furniture with wood elements
Scandinavian home style does adopt natural beauty into the house. So, instead of buying artificial furniture that looks fancy, this Scandinavian style idea should add ornaments and wooden elements to the house. However, unlike wood that has been furnished, this Scandinavian house wood can be said to be quite raw with a combination of gray or light beige.

One of the keys to the Scandinavian home style is the use of wood in various decorations and also parts of the house. Starting from the floor, dining table, coffee table, and even for the ceiling itself, of course, it has been repainted in white or light gray.