Confused about how to care for and maintain your custom engagement rings so that they last? The custom engagement rings like silver are no less beautiful than other rings. In addition to its affordable price, silver displays an elegant impression with its shiny white color.

Want to know how to keep your custom ring durable and the color last longer? Let’s read below and practice right away!

How to clean
Maintaining it is not so difficult. The color of a silver ring that continues to be used will also fade over time if it is not cared for properly. One of the tips to clean it is to clean it with a special cloth.

How to maintain shine
Silver’s luster can last a long time when polished properly. Do not place it on tools that contain other metals that can scratch the silver ring finish. Also, avoid direct spraying of various perfumes and other beauty products to maintain the color. Do not wear silver rings in the shower. These things really help to keep the surface of the ring shining in the light.

How to store rings
A silver ring that is always worn will accelerate color fading. Before storing, clean them properly and then wrap them in a soft dry cloth that will not scratch the silver. This is to keep the surface temperature of the silver ring from getting wet. Finally, avoid outside dust that can stick to the ring by placing it in a box or the like in a dry state.

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