Machine learning is part of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. Machine learning can allow computers to have the same intelligence as humans, such as recognizing writing, recognizing faces, recognizing voices, and so on. Even machine learning can predict thousands or even millions of data based on patterns that already exist in the previous data. There are many advantages in machine learning that can help ease human tasks so that time and costs are used more efficiently. The benefits of machine learning can be felt from various fields, such as in banking, business, culinary, technology, marketing, education, health, and many others. In this article, we will discuss three examples of the benefits of machine learning computer vision algorithms in the business world.

1. Automated System
The first benefit of machine learning is that it can create automated systems that do not need direct human intervention. With the algorithm formed in it, machine learning can make the system work automatically according to the commands in it. For example in the e-mail system, e-mail can automatically predict whether a new message is classified as spam or not. This is because the system already has an algorithm that defines the characteristics of spam or not.

2. Easily Identify Trends
Machine learning can reach huge volumes of data that cannot be processed by humans. If it could be analyzed by humans, it would take quite a long time and a lot of money. In the business world, machine learning can identify trends in sales results from a consumer’s purchase history. After knowing the business trend, you can determine future steps such as product recommendations, offers, giveaways, bonuses, and others so as to maximize the seller’s profits.

3. Ease of Operation
Algorithms in machine learning can facilitate operational systems and make product innovations within the company. And the application of machine learning can be applied in the provision of services such as analyzing customer comments so that it can be an evaluation material for the company. The results of the evaluation can determine the next steps for the improvement of the company.