Playing original music is not an easy thing to do because many people choose to imitate other people’s musicians’ playing styles. Things like this that will make someone difficult to develop original. Things like that can be done by learning like joining a more about the author.

Therefore, now is the time for young musicians to move from merely singing people’s songs, and begging others to listen, to the spirit of originality by confidently playing their songs. Of course, their fame is also due to their skills, but if the composing skill is not possessed, their names will not be known to many people. This shows how important expertise is in composing songs.

Here are some of the skills that a composer must have:

– Listen to songs that are long-lasting and much appreciated. Music is the result of tension between convention and innovation. Every creator is a listener who is not satisfied with the songs he hears, so he creates songs that make him satisfied.
– Reading literary works. Of course, inspiration from lyrics can be anywhere, but literature has other ways of conveying something, with a unique style of language. Beautiful lyrics can be the strength of a song. This applies if you want to create lyrical songs.
– Learn to read and write scores. This applies if you want to produce music collectively. One good musical composition is a composition that is carefully thought out, starting from the rhythm, melody, harmonization, etc. By arranging the scores of each instrument, the music produced can be truly appropriate and as desired.
– Exploration of possible unique compositions. It will depend on what kind of music you are stretching. However, it never hurts to look for other song references than others, for example, nuanced eclectic, realistic, etc. This will help you get inspired so that your work contains an element of novelty.

Increasingly diverse and affordable technology allows anyone to produce their music. Moreover, the cyberspace network enables works to surface and show skill. The only thing that will make one work stand out from the rest is its originality. The more original the work, the higher the appreciation it will get.