This Is How To Dress Like A Proper And Cool Muslim Woman Without Abandoning The Sharia Law

You always appear in Muslim fashion and want to continue to look stylish by staying syar’i in Muslim dress? It’s actually not a hard thing to do. You definitely need to know the way how to dress properly and look cool as a Muslim woman without abandoning the sharia law. Additionally, if you also need a new abaya, you may check out the best beautiful abayas for sale.

Here is some key Muslim dress that you can emulate to look cool even in a hijab, but also do not heed the values of sharia:

Get your primary weapon

Cuffs and cardigans are the mainstay weapons of veiled women. Cufflinks can make your blouse or short sleeve dress worn. Buy a good quality cuff, so the cuff is not easily damaged even if you wear it many times.

Cardigans also function the same as cufflinks. The only baggy newfangled cardigan can help you hide your body shape from tight clothing. Make sure you have cuffs and cardigans in various colors so you can match them with your outfit.

Play with veil

Wearing a hijab in the style of a schoolgirl is the safest style for you to wear. However, do not you get bored with style so constantly? Try other hijab styles such as the turban style or Turkish hijab. You will surely be surprised by the results. At the moment Paris scarf is becoming a favorite, but you can also wear a patterned scarf or scarf instead of your veil for a different sensation.

Match the clothing with your attitude

The accessory of a good Muslim woman is her behavior. Wearing Muslim clothing but being un-Islamic will only damage your overall appearance. No matter how cool you are, people will judge you badly. Be a good representation of a Muslim, dress in Islam and behave in Islam.

Don’t choose tight and transparent clothing

There are still many people wearing closed clothes but are so tight that their curves are clearly visible. There are also those who wear transparent clothing. The essence of Muslim dress is to cover your body well. Dressed completely closed but tight can certainly cause the impression of a section. If you want to look sexy when wearing Muslim clothing, you are mistaken!