If you have a large arm shape, avoid choosing bracelets that have a thickness that is too thin, because this will make your hands look bigger and fatter. Then what kind of bracelet is most appropriate for large arms? You may choose a bracelet that is a little bit thick. Meanwhile, if you want to find high-quality bracelets, we suggest you visit https://www.reartone.com/ and buy the one that suits you the most.

At least this is following your arm posture that looks more muscular so it does not look too small when used.

If you want to use a bracelet, choose a color that isn’t too shiny yellow. You can choose a bracelet made of that has low content so that the color will be much stronger owned by the mixture.

If the type of material is not a priority you should choose to buy a bracelet, you should avoid choosing bracelets with colors that are too flashy, because this can make your arms look thinner. Bracelets with muted colors are the best choice for example bracelets made of white or other precious metals.

On the other hand, if you are a woman with small arms, you can choose a Bracelet with a slightly larger diameter. But the size of this diameter you should also pay attention, do not get too big to the point that it will sag too if used.

Besides being less comfortable when used, bracelets that are too large in diameter will also not fit into your small arm posture. Contrary to large arms, for the color selection, you can choose colors that are a bit striking. For people with arms like this, bracelets in yellow are the best choice.

To make it look even bolder, you can also play the model or shape of the bracelet. Do not have to use a bracelet that has a circular shape. You can also use other more unique shape choices such as square bracelets, triangles, or other unique shapes.