When I visited my grandfather’s house, I was scared to death because there were many dogs around his yard. Maybe this traumatized as a child because I was bitten by a puppy dog. When my grandfather saw the look on my face of fear, he instead invited me to stroke his 3 dog’s head while saying that his dog would not bite me as long as I did not disturb him. By gathering my sense of courage and testing my adrenaline, I managed to hold the dog without being bitten. If I get bitten and that dog belongs to someone, maybe I make a plan to hire a dog bite attorney to sue the owner of that dog.

My grandfather said that basically dogs are animals that are docile to humans but there are times when he acts fiercely on humans, especially on the first person he sees. biting humans. The internal factor is that the dog is hungry, the dog has just given birth or the dog is indeed crazy. Sometimes we are also surprised when dealing with a dog where there is a particular person that he is chasing, but there is also someone who is not even though these two people are both people who first appeared in front of the dog. This is an external factor: dogs hate people who consume dog meat and people who have a torture aura. Dogs are animals that have a sense of smell and sharp eyesight. Dogs can smell and see certain auras from someone, especially those who like to consume dog meat.

If you want to know how the characteristics of rabies aka rabies are saliva dripping, looking unhealthy, afraid of water, used to be alone in places that are not light and have aggressive actions to bite anything near them.

My grandfather added that if you meet a dog, never sit because the dog actually thinks that he wants to be disturbed. We recommend that you walk calmly, head the stairs with the air and tongue directed to the roof of your mouth because it is believed this will not make the dog bite us. These tips only apply when meeting street dogs and do not apply to sniffer dogs and shepherds.