Returning to vacation or going home from hometown usually brings a lot of luggage, be it clothes or souvenirs. The problem is, the luggage is too much so it doesn’t fit into the trunk. You don’t need to be confused, it’s not difficult to arrange the items in the vehicle to keep them neat and transported. The most important thing about carrying things in a vehicle is that they shouldn’t be done carelessly because there are calculations. Do not let the vehicle being driven is not overloaded. If it turns out that the number of items being carried exceeds the luggage capacity, you may store it on the roof if a roof rack is installed. Fortunately, if you also use a trailer, we suggest you install a sturdy trailer storage box for maximum storage capacity and safety.

Ideally, all luggage is placed in the rear trunk, regardless of vehicle type. When on vacation, the items to be carried may be more than the usual trip. You might need optimization when arranging items in the vehicle. This way, you and your passengers will sit comfortably without being disturbed by luggage. When carrying a variety of luggage, as much as possible evenly between the right and the left. The goods are packed neatly with the heaviest weight placed on the bottom. Make sure, the arrangement of luggage also adjusts the urgency. Items that are often needed during travel should be stored at the top.

The position of the load at the bottom also serves to balance the vehicle. Then, arrange the luggage so that it is balanced in weight from the left to the right side of the trunk so that the vehicle does not sway during the trip. Most importantly, avoid piling up to the top, especially to close the rear glass. The safe limit for stacking goods is not to exceed the headrests of the rear seat. Items that cover the glass have the potential to close the driver’s view to looking back.