Even a good memorizer needs time to repeat the memorization so that it becomes perfect. Repetition is a way that feels really needed if you want to improve your brain’s ability to remember something. After learning something, you should pause for a few moments, then do a review again of what you have learned. This will make the brain trained to open the memories of the past so that it will not easy to forget important things. Meanwhile, you can also consume amazon in order to improve your memory.

Memory repetition can be done with the help of recording important things in a notebook, repeating the name of someone you’ve just known over and over again, and repeating the sentence someone has said to you.

You can try to play brain games

One way to improve memory is to play a brain game, which can make the brain think a little so that the cells in it remain connected. If someone does not or rarely sharpens the ability of the brain, cells in the brain begin to degenerate so that it becomes easy to forget.

Playing brain games, for example, is playing chess, which requires focus to think about a few steps ahead. Nowadays, there are many websites that provide brain games.

Try to routinely train the brain by playing brain games for at least 20 minutes a day. If you don’t like brain games, you can learn a foreign language or develop new hobbies and abilities.

Organize your life

Try to live more organized to reduce senility due to your own carelessness. Have a daily agenda or install some organizer apps for free your smartphone.

Having a daily agenda will make a person more focused and improve memory. If you have an agenda, try to bring your schedule or your smartphone with an organizer app wherever the agenda is, so that when something needs to be noted, you remember to take a note of it.