3D printing technology has existed a few years ago. Initially used for Rapid Prototyping which is used in companies. As technology develops, 3D printing begins to be utilized in various fields. With this tool we can create miniatures, toys, to prototype a project. The presence of 3D printing technology is very helpful for humans in various fields. One of them is for the medical field. This tool is used to print organs from patient cells. In the future, the patient does not need to wait for the donor anymore. Additionally, if you wish to find out more about a more advanced type of 3D printer, we recommend you to visit that site of ours.

Another example of using 3D printing for the medical field is to make robotic hands and feet. This was made to help patients who do not have fingers. Furthermore, the robot’s legs and hands that are printed using 3D printing can be adjusted to the user’s hand’s shape.

Even in the automotive industry, 3D printing technology is needed. This technology is needed to make vehicle parts. The General Motor Company used 3D printing to help print prototype parts for the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu vehicle. Then, the Ford Motor Company also used this advanced technology. They use it for prototypes such as cylinder heads, brake rotors to vent.

Uniquely there are also vehicles that are mostly made using 3D printing machines. This vehicle made by Jim Kor and his friends is called Urbee 2. Right now Urbee 2 is in the stage of being ready for production.

3D printing technology is also used for NASA’s rocket engine injectors. After being tested, the injector made by 3D printing machine is able to produce 10 times more boost than some previous injectors. NASA also plans to send 3D printers into space in the future. This was done as an effort to form a mini-factory at the International Space Station. So when astronauts run out of equipment, they can print them again in a simple way.