Fat in the abdomen is a stubborn specter and is difficult to remove for most people. No exception to fat in the side abdomen. Side belly fat is located on the side of the waist, precisely above the oblique, which requires a series of exercises to be shed. Spending a lot of time at home with most sitting and working causes excess fat buildup in the area. Therefore you need to exercise often, consume healthy foods, and don’t forget to consume some supplements too. You can also read Resurge reviews 2020 to find the right weight-loss supplement.

To break down and make the waistline look clearly defined, there are several types of exercises that can be tried:

Triangle Pose

A basic body twist will help reduce fat that has accumulated on the sides of the body. To do this movement, stand with both feet separately. Then, spread your hands to both sides. Inhale and gently bend your body to the side and touch your left toes with your left hand. Meanwhile, the right hand must be in the air and stretched up.

Russian Twists

This is perhaps the most effective movement to shed fat on the side of the abdomen. To practice, just sit with your legs stretched forward. Bring your arms in front of your chest, then lift your legs so they don’t touch the ground. Then, rotate your body from side to side together with the hand in front of your chest, of course without letting your feet touch the ground. This movement will help shed fat stored on the side of the waist.

Crab Kick

Other exercises for burning side belly fat are kicking exercises such as crab or crab kick. Sit on the mat or carpet and bend your knees. Keep your hands behind your back with your fingers facing back. Gently push your hips up and kick your right leg up. Change legs one at a time, and keep kicking. Make sure the hips don’t touch the ground during the exercise. Do it for 30 seconds and repeat 3-4 times.