The furnace gas burners installed in household or country furnaces are similar to each other. They have combustion chambers (heat exchangers), housing, smoke removal systems, ducts for hot air and automatic units. However, there is one mandatory detail that in each case has its own characteristics – gas furnaces for furnaces. He is responsible for the efficiency of the heating unit, power characteristics, efficient fuel consumption, safe operation, and other important parameters. Apart from that, if you also need professionals to clean your furnace, you can always call the trusted Furnace Cleaning company in your city.

The gas burner is the process of mixing gas with oxygen, this is the control unit of the fuel combustion process. With it, you can set certain modes that are configured to the temperature level needed for heating. Boilers and furnaces often have the same burner model.

One-level atmospheric gas burners for domestic ovens are not difficult to use, they are easily installed in a heating unit. They don’t need an electric bath. This burner is placed on the front side, where the furnace door is located.

That’s important. To take a burner, you need to know its power, the ability of this model to process a certain amount of fuel in a certain period of time.

What is meant by a burner

If we consider gas burners from the point of view of thermal power control methods, then all models can be divided into the following categories:

Single Stage. In this case, gas supply (shutdown) occurs automatically at the rheostat signal.

Two stages. Burners have a constructive opportunity to enter the economic model. This process is automatically adjusted.

Burners with floating adjustment. Burner strength can vary smoothly, from 10 to 100 percent.

Ignition type

All burners can be divided according to the type of ignition:

Electronic type. They have no igniter keep working. Work requires electricity. Electric ignition is one of the easiest inventions for modern heating units. Thanks to him, the operation of the furnace has become as comfortable as possible. Electric ignition makes it possible to light the fire burner safely, without the use of axes or matches.

Ignition with piezo ignition. Electricity is not needed.