The paintball game is a very fun game, and you can play with family, work colleagues, and also your friends. However, before starting the game and also firing and throwing your paintball grenades randomly for fun, you need to read the paintball tips that we will share with you.

1. Keep your body low. It is recommended not to crawl because it will make your movements slow and limited. If you languish, then you can still move rather quickly when shot by your opponent. A lying position will make it difficult for you to shoot and see your opponent. But, you can’t move.

2. Try not to get dehydrated because it will cause various kinds of problems. Bring mineral water to drink when the game starts.

3. When competing in a place with lots of trees, try trying to blend with the surrounding environment. It would be really exciting if you could camouflage with the area of the environment where you competed.

4. Be fair. If you were shot by your opponent, raise your hand and immediately walk out of the game arena. Nobody likes cheating players because it will interfere with the fun of playing.

5. Always be aware of the area around you. Do not stay too long in one place and keep moving from one shelter to another.

6. Don’t hesitate to take a strategic place when the players shoot at each other. Try to sneak towards the back of your opponent, then ambush them.

7. Like other sports, paintball games are more likely to be competitive. Some players can play seriously, maybe they are too serious.

8. If you run out of bullets, the team members will always help. Don’t hesitate to ask for the number of bullets to win the match.

Warning :

Paintball will be very dangerous if played incorrectly. Shots must be limited to between 150-280 fps. More than that is really dangerous for the players who were shot.

Don’t shoot players who don’t use face masks. Don’t point a gun at them, even though your gun isn’t bulletproof.