Given that sexual harassment can have a negative impact that will affect the victim’s daily life, you are advised to always be vigilant and protect yourself from this vile behavior. Unfortunately, sometimes a case can happen without a witness, and this might give an advantage to the culprit. Perhaps you need to hire Law Offices of Gary L. Rohlwing if you are wrongly accused.

Meanwhile, there are 4 simple ways that you can do to stay away from sexual harassment, including:

1. Take care of your appearance

The first thing to do to avoid sexual harassment is to take care of your appearance, especially if you are a woman. Avoid wearing clothes made skimpy or too tight that show off certain body parts or curves.

2. Don’t fully believe someone

As social beings, humans do need each other. However, that doesn’t mean you can trust completely, especially in someone you just met.

So, to avoid sexual harassment, it would be better if you ‘keep a little distance from those who are not family members or close relatives.

3. Avoid pornographic topics

Pornographic talk can be the beginning of sexual harassment behavior. This is because this kind of conversation can make the other person think that you are ‘opening up’ or getting used to sexual things.

Therefore, avoid conversations that are too pointless here and there, especially with new people. The thing that is feared is that your interlocutor deliberately provokes a long chat so that in the end it can make you get carried away so that you unknowingly talk about pornographic things. When this happens, the gap to commit acts of sexual harassment is wide open.

4. Dare to be assertive

You are not forbidden to be friendly to anyone. However, you still have to maintain your self-image so as not to be labeled as a person who always thinks openly and is open to anything, especially when dealing with new people.

Even if you are coerced or experience inappropriate behavior that is unexpected, take action immediately. Tell your trusted family members and close relatives who you have known for a long time. In addition, also report the sexual harassment act to the authorities so that the perpetrator is immediately dealt with.