The selection of the script is followed by another stage of preparation for the performance. One of the main things is casting. What is casting? Casting is the selection of actors or actresses who will present the characters in the drama script. Casting is done by the director. Apart from that, if you need excellent scripts for plays, you can check out high-quality one-act plays scripts.

In selecting the cast, the director can apply one of several existing casting techniques. Want to know what casting techniques a director uses to select players?

Several casting techniques, namely:

a. Casting by the ability

Selection of actors is made based on the same skills or skills or approaching the role played.
For example, an intelligent character is performed by an intelligent person, a martial arts hero is performed by a person who is good at martial arts.

b. Casting to type

Selection of actors based on the physical suitability of the players.
For example, old characters are presented by parents, and children characters are presented by children.

c. Anti Type Casting

Selection of actors that are contrary to the character and physical characteristics of the roles that are played. This type of casting can be used as an education for people who have the opposite character.
For example, a gentle and friendly person should portray a character who is rude and unfriendly. People who speak fluently have to play characters who are mute and so on.

d. Casting to emotional temperament

Selection of actors based on observations of one’s personal life. An actor or actress who has a lot of compatibility with the role that is performed will be chosen to bring the character.

e. Therapeutic casting

The selection of this actor aims to help cure psychological imbalances in a person.

To be able to choose the right role, a list is made that contains the characters that must be performed. This list is complemented by its psychological, psychological, and sociological dimensions. A good director will do the casting carefully to get a player who fits the character demanded by the script. The problem is that actors and actresses are the spearheads who will present the roles in the script in front of the audience.