You must understand knitting and crocheting equipment well before you start doing either of them. Understanding Crochet, Difference between crochet with knitting, knitting equipment, symbols in knitting, the term crochet, various knitting yarns, various types of knitting stitches, and so on. Apart from that, you can check out some of the best crochet hooks if you prefer crocheting methods instead of knitting ones.

The difference in Crochet or Knitting

Knitting is divided into 2 ways, namely: Crochet or Knitting, both are knitting techniques. The difference:

– Crochet: Simply crochet using 1 needle.
– Knitting: knitting using 2 needles.

You need these pieces of equipment:

1. Hook

Hook has a variety of sizes. Its use is adjusted to the size of the thread. Adjust the hook and thread size. Because of the hook is too small, the knitting will be too tight and stiff. Vice versa if the hook is too large the results of knitting will look big and loose.

There are some recommended hook sizes, such as::

1. Number 1/0 for cotton yarn size 5
2. Numbers 2/0 – 3/0 for cotton yarn number 10, rayon yarn, 2 ply wool yarn, local wool yarn.
3. Number 4/0 – 5/0 for cotton yarn number 10-30, 4 ply wool yarn, 4 ply softly cotton yarn

2. Yarn

The thread size adjusts to the hook. Here are a few types:

Kinnelon, Walnut Wool, Cotton, Knitting Nylon, Panda, Synthetic wool, polyester, rayon splash, orchid, bulky, smock, mesh, rayon, and Athena.

3. Sewing Needles. This is only a tool for the final result. Use a large sewing needle. Functioning for product completion.

4. Meter. As a size to adjust the pattern.

5. Scissors. Cut thread.

6. Markers

Knitted marker functions to give a sign when we start knitting. this aims to make it easier for us to count the number of stitches in crochet. About the tool there are various forms, can buy it in knitting equipment. but we can also make use of objects around us, such as yarn. Consider the following picture.

7. Glue on firing.

To attach accessories to the knit. Before starting to knit, it’s good to know basic crochet symbols.