In theory, if you hear a sound of more than 85 decibels continuously, then your heating system is very likely to be disrupted. However, measuring the sound in headphones can be more complicated because the distance is closer to the ear and most have closed spaces. Apart from that, if you want a healthier type of headphone that is affordable, we recommend you to buy the best noise cancelling headphones under 100.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can still enjoy music while ensuring that hearing health is maintained. Here are health tips for headphone users:

1. Take advantage of the equalizer

Equalizer not only appears to decorate the appearance of the music player application on your smartphone or computer. The equalizer allows you to adjust the frequency of each sound channel to match what you want.

For example, if you want the bass sound louder, then you only need to increase the bass frequency. This makes it unnecessary for you to raise the volume so that your ears will avoid the danger of permanent hearing damage.

2. Use high-quality music files

One reason you often turn up the volume is that you can’t hear the details of the music well. This can be overcome by using high-quality music files such as FLAC or WAV with better bitrates than just 128bit MP3s. When the music sounds melodious in the competition, you automatically will not increase the volume and avoid the risk of damage to the hearing system.

3. Use the right headphones

Not all headphones are created with the same configuration. Each headphone has its own frequency configuration so that it has different sound characteristics.

Simply put, don’t buy headphones with treble characteristics if you want to hear the detailed bass sound. In the end, you will increase the volume of sound that can damage hearing.

4. It’s better to use headphones with noise-canceling

Some headphones now have active noise canceling technology that allows outside sounds to be blocked to be heard by your ears.

This way, you can listen to music details better at a lower volume because there is no outside noise. Headphones with this feature are usually found in the premium product range.