Depression is a bad mood and lasts for a certain period of time. When depressed, the heart will be sad prolonged, hopeless, have no motivation to move, lose interest in things that used to entertain, and blame themselves. Depression attacks more than 10 percent of the world’s population. They still have the wrong assumption and myths about depression. One of them is the assumption that people affected by depression have mental disorders, crazy and various other myths. Though the reality is not so. Here is the wrong myth about depression. There is a study that states that depression is hereditary. Subsequent research developed this into the question of how genetically significant determines risk. When having a depressed grandparent or parents does not increase the risk of depression as well, this is only a marginal increase. But, this does not guarantee that if your parents or grandparents suffer from depression then you are at risk as well. Prevention of depression is said to be necessary because after all other people’s lives are very valuable and to guard if you need to treat yourself well, easy way, you just need to be more friends with nature, relax your thoughts with yoga and meditation with us on

 Assumptions arise because of the ignorance and information that arises many times, so that will confuse many people. In fact, the myths related to psychology are also widely circulated in the community. Although some depressed people are likely to commit suicide, that does not mean that all depressed people take the same path. Not a few people with depression still live life as usual, although his mood is bad or suffering. Laughter can indeed help to relieve depression, but only temporarily. Because depression is clinically caused by chemical imbalances and needs to be treated medically as well. Depressed people are obsessed with themselves and do not think about others. This is definitely not true. A depressed person does not have his own obsession, including in dealing with the problems they face. They also have empathy towards others around them.

People who are depressed can not socialize normally. A person who is depressed can live a normal life and socialize with the surroundings, including having a circle of friends to social media life. Women are more at risk of depression than men. Until now, no research has been made to say this. Women, men, adults, and adolescents have the same risks and inclinations to experience depression. Depression can interfere with a person’s life, so the person experiencing it should get medical help from a psychiatrist as quickly and seriously as possible.