There are many ways to make money online, and many people choose to become affiliates of other website owners who have digital products and services; whereas other people choose to market physical products online either directly to customers they find or via web-sites like eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon. For those people who choose to sell physical products either on auction web-sites or directly to customers they find, many of the issues are the same – namely, finding the customers who will place orders via the Internet and also sourcing the suppliers of the product important link.

On the issue of sourcing the products that are best to sell online, there are generally 2 ways forward, namely to find a suitable wholesale supplier whereby you buy a wholesale lot of the goods, and then after getting the sales you ship them to the clients; or by finding a drop-shipper whereby you don’t buy any goods until such time as you have been paid by the client. With drop-shopping, you pass the client’s order onto the drop-shipping company which in turn ships the goods direct to your client.

The wholesale formula review is certainly a much lower risk business in that there is no investment in stock which you could be stuck with if you cannot find clients, and because the drop-shipper takes care of all the logistics all warehousing and shipping the goods, it is a much lower maintenance business because your entire focus is limited to marketing via your web-site for new clients.

When doing the research to decide on what products to market it is important to use the Internet to seek out reviews of the wholesalers you are considering – the wholesale formula review should all speak to the merits of choosing them as a supplier and because business is much more complex when you take on all the work of carrying and shipping the goods, wholesale drop-shipping almost certainly the smart way to enter a market space to test your ability to find customers before perhaps migrating to doing your own shipping.