If we look at the United States of America, Ultimate Flags- will always be in various celebrations. Whether it’s Independence Day celebrations, New Year’s celebrations, even on Christmas Day. Talking about Christmas celebrations, we will certainly be able to see, one thing that stands out is not only about the Christmas tree or its decorations, but is one of the things that will always be attached to Christmas celebrations. It is a Christmas specialty like gingerbread. Making these pastries is also quite simple, in the form of a mixture of ginger and cinnamon ingredients, which will provide a warm feeling for the body during Christmas celebrations that will always occur in winter.

This type of gingerbread cookie has a special taste and is very different from the cakes on a usual day. Because this is a cake that you will find a lot during Christmas celebrations. If we look at the story behind cookies that can provide benefits to the body, we will be able to find various things and in short, the story is that gingerbread was first discovered in western Europe, which was introduced by war soldiers who were returning from the Mediterranean. eastern part. After that, the typical pastries immediately became a favorite cake that would always be present at various celebrations in medieval Europe.

Even at first gingerbread cookies, have shapes like animals, birds, and armor. Not only that, but this type of gingerbread cookie is also often given to people who will compete, where the gingerbread cookies will be a symbol of good luck for someone. So actually gingerbread is often used in various celebrations. However, indeed, ordinary people or foreigners are only allowed to use the gingerbread tradition on Christmas and since then, gingerbread has become one of the dishes that are synonymous with Christmas.