Technology has had quite a lot of influence on human life. Not only in the way they think but also in the way people act. Especially in activities that are more about communication technology. One of them is the use of smartphones, which have changed quite significantly and their development is also quite fast. You may have read various articles on or know in books about the history of the emergence of cellphones to the changes in cellphones from time to time. Those of you who were born in the 90s must know about the shape of the change in mobile phones, where these devices are now better known as smartphones. One of them is because it is equipped with increasingly sophisticated features and can make it easier for smartphone users.

A significant change before the term smartphone was introduced, can be seen in the 2000s era, which is still known as a cellphone. In this era, there are still not too many people who use cellphones, even cellphones will be used more by certain circles because the price is still quite expensive. Unlike today, in every corner of the house, you will see people looking down at their smartphone screens.

For the characteristics that distinguish the changes in mobile phones in the 2000s era from the previous era, it will certainly look very different. In the 2000s era, mobile phone screens were colored, had a more diverse design, used a good cellphone system. Even in the era of the 2000s, the use of GPRS has started to exist in every type of cellphone. In addition, in the 2000s, several companies that developed technology such as mobile phones began to appear, of course, by creating various kinds of mobile phone innovations, where each company will compete to provide the best and to survive in the market.