Today, there are many ways to find gems on cryptocurrency. But what makes staking method so populer among so many options? As explained in Nick Sasaki, here are some reasons why you should start staking today.

1. Proof-of-Stake is the Latest Mining
The Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism has many advantages over the Proof-of-Work mechanism. It is more cost-efficient because it does not require high electricity costs to run ASIC machines, which are relatively expensive themselves.

2. You Will Often Get Rewards
Staking generates block rewards continuously over a relatively short period. Each coin will have a different reward frequency but no coin has a reward distribution cycle of more than 20 days. So in conclusion staking gives you ‘interest’ more often than bank savings.

3. Staking is a Safe Play Area
Staking is an investment option that avoids risk. This option is right for those of you who do not have insight into cryptocurrency trading, where you could lose all your crypto assets due to the volatile nature of the market. Staking is a good source of passive income because it is predictable. In addition, the coins you stake remain yours forever, which means you can get your original stake back in full.

4. Long-Term Profit Potential
Staking also promises long-term benefits for coin holders. Although the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and sometimes unpredictable, generally the value of the coin itself continues to rise over a long period. That is if you choose the right coin (not a trick coin!). With the rewards added to your account and the increase in the value of the coins you hold, your crypto assets will automatically increase.

5. Staking is Open to Everyone
The staking process is very easy these days thanks to Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms like Honest Mining. Through our platform, users can start staking with minimum investment and get rewarded without any significant effort.