Cracks in tiles are caused by the uneven surface of tiles and medium-hard material. So that when exposed to pressure in the hollow, the damage will appear until the split. A cracked floor will disturb you. Not only does it damage the aesthetics, but it can also hurt. A split floor will leave sharp edges, sharp enough to scratch your feet until they hurt. To fix this you don’t need to worry, use the services of Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches to get the best treatment find out.

Following, 3 Ways to Repair Floor Tiles

1. Cracked ceramic paint

Painting cracked ceramics is an easy way you can do yourself at home. However, this method can be done on plain ceramics, not textured or patterned. This method is indeed not able to restore the ceramic cracks, but so as not to be seen by the eye far away.

This can only be applied to fine, non-protruding cracks.

Things you should pay attention to when you want to paint include:

– Choose a paint colour that matches the colour of the ceramic. If you are hesitant or confused about choosing the right colour, you can ask the tile seller directly to be given recommendations.

– Apply the paint on the ceramic gap using cotton. Wait for it to dry a few seconds to dry.

– Wipe the tile with a damp cloth, which aims to make glazed ceramics.

2. Add glaze liquid

Same as the first way, adding liquid glaze does not improve cracks in ceramics. But it aims to fill the floor gap and prevent further damage. Before using glaze liquid, you should do the following:

– Clean the floor thoroughly by sweeping and wiping the floor. Especially in ceramic floor slits. Wiping more than once is also recommended so that the remaining dirt does not stick permanently to the glaze.

– Choose the colour of a colourless glaze.

– Wait for the floor and fissures to dry before applying it with liquid glaze.

– Apply the glaze liquid using a small brush and focus on the cracked ceramic part.

– Open the window of your house so that air circulation occurs which speeds up the glaze to dry.

3. Replace ceramics with new ones

If ceramics have significant crack conditions, it is best to replace the cracked ceramics with new ceramics.

However, you should look for ceramics that are the same size, colour, shape, and material. In this case, it takes a little extra energy to get around the seller’s place to find the right ceramics.

After you find a replacement ceramic floor, the following tips you should do to replace the cracked tile.

– Remove the old and cracked ceramics by breaking it down using a hammer to make small pieces. Before it is broken down, it’s a good idea to use a towel to coat the ceramic so that the small pieces don’t bounce off.

– Scrape all of the adhesives under the floor that has been removed using a bladed knife to clean off the adhesive and splinters from under the ceramic. Make sure your tile floors are flat and clean.

– Use floor adhesive and store ceramics in the right position. After that, make a gap in the floor using a little cement or gypsum. Because the gap is so narrow, you can use cotton or a small knife.

– Wait until it dries, and use a little glaze. to make it look shiny.

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