In choosing items that can be used as company souvenirs as promotional media, there are some smart tips on choosing company souvenirs as promotional media. If you are interested in making promotional items, you can visit

The following are some tips that you can try:

1. Determine Specific Market Segmentation
As extensive and as big as any of our business markets. Not everyone can be our customer. A very diverse market will certainly require a variety of promotional strategies and media as well. It will be very draining and cost if we enter all markets. And the worst is the result is not necessarily the maximum. Market segmentation is the right first step to take. With clear and specific market segmentation, it will be easier to determine which company souvenirs are appropriate as a promotional media for the intended market segmentation. Segmentation can be done starting from grouping markets based on geographical markets (regions), for example city A, City B and so on. Or segmentation based on demographics such as gender, age, economic class, occupation, religion and so forth. For example, if we take the segmentation of students and/or employees who are struggling with office work, company souvenirs can be chosen such as ballpoints, desk clocks and some of them.

2. Understand the Insight of the Target Market
Simply put, insight can be understood by the wants, needs and fear or anxiety that consumers feel about a thing. Whereby knowing that, the brand can be present and be a solution for consumers. The link in the selection of corporate souvenirs is by knowing the insight that is owned by the profile of the audience (consumers) of our souvenir recipients, then we can choose the right souvenirs and be useful for these consumers.

The next thing to consider is the current trend. It can also mean the right time for a particular company souvenir. One of the advantages of following the trend is that these souvenirs will be accepted with pleasure and used proudly by our consumers.